CompTIA A+ 2009 Essentials

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CompTIA A+ certification validates the latest skills needed by computer support professionals, and confirms a technician's ability to perform tasks such as installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventive maintenance and basic networking.

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for individuals who are employed as a Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer and IT Manager

Module 1:  Personal Computer Components

•Hardware components
•Computer Connections
•Storage Devices

Module 2:  Operating System Fundamentals

•Directory and file management
•System Management
•Boot Processes
•System Monitoring and Management
•System Troubleshooting

Module 3:  PC Technician Professional Best Practices

•Understanding Static Electricity
•Power supplies
•Safety with computers
•Tools and software for safety

Module 4:  Installing and Configuring Peripheral Components

•Display Devices
•Install and configure I/O Devices
•Adapter Cards
•Multimedia Devices

Module 5:  Installing and Configuring System Components

•Installing Storage Devices
•Power supplies
•System BIOS and CMOS
•Understanding the POST process

Module 6:  Troubleshooting System Components

•Troubleshooting Storage Devices
•Trouble shooting Power Supplies
•Troubleshooting Memory
•Troubleshooting CPUs and System Boards

Module 7:  Installing and Configuring Operating Systems

•Install Microsoft Windows
•Upgrade Microsoft Windows
•Optimizing Windows

Module 8:  Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows

•System Utilities
•Troubleshooting windows
•System Recovery for Windows

Module 9:  Networking Technologies

•Network communications
•Internet connections
•Network Installation
•Network Addressing and Gateways
•Network Troubleshooting
•Wired and Wireless Network connections
•Understanding Network Architectures

Module 10:  Installing and Managing Network Connections

•Creating Network Connections
•Web Browsers
•Troubleshooting Networks

Module 11:  Supporting Laptops and Portable Computing Devices

•Notebook Computer Components
•Handheld Devices
•Troubleshooting Portable Computing Devices

Module 12:  Supporting Printers and Scanners

•Printer and Scanner technologies
•Printer and Scanner Components
•Installing Printers and Scanners
•Printer and Scanner processes
•Troubleshooting Printers and Scanners

Module 13:  Personal Computer Security Concepts

•Security Basics
•OS and Hardware Security
•Physical Security
•Wireless Security
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