Crystal Reports V10 Basic

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Crystal Reports 10: Level 1 is the primary recommended course you should take if your job responsibilities require you to obtain output from databases. It is also the first course in the Crystal Reports 10 series. In this course, you will build basic list and group reports that work with almost any database.

Course Objective:

•Create a report by using data from an existing database.
•Locate and present data in a specified order.
•Create groups to summarize report data.
•Build formulas to add non-database data to a report and display data differently.
•Format reports.
•Enhance reports by adding and modifying elements in a report.
•Create single data series charts.
•Distribute report data to other users 

Who should attend:

This course is designed for a person who needs output from a database. In some cases, database programs have limited reporting tools, and/or they may not have access to those tools. They may or may not have programming and/or SQL experience.


Lesson 1: Creating a Report
•Topic 1A: Set Default Report Settings
•Topic 1B: Specify Fields for a New Report
•Topic 1C: Preview the Report
•Topic 1D: Modify Field Display
•Topic 1E: Add a Report Title
•Topic 1F: Position Fields
•Topic 1G: Add Fields from Additional Tables

Lesson 2:
Displaying Specific Report Data
•Topic 2A: Find Data
•Topic 2B: Sort Dat
•Topic 2C: Filter Data by Single Criteria

Lesson 3: Grouping Report Data
•Topic 3A: Insert a Group
•Topic 3B: Add Summaries
•Topic 3C: Format Summary Information
•Topic 3D: Change Group Options
•Topic 3E: Add an Additional Group
•Topic 3F: Filter by Group
•Topic 3G: Create a Top N Sort Group

Lesson 4: Building Formulas
•Topic 4A: Write a Formula
•Topic 4B: Edit a Formula
•Topic 4C: Group by Formula
•Topic 4D: Delete a Formula
•Topic 4E: Build a Filter by Multiple Criteria
•Topic 4F: Modify a Filter with Multiple Criteria to Create an OR Condition
•Topic 4G: Create a Parameter Field
•Topic 4H: Write a Formula that Incorporates Null Fields

Lesson 5: Formatting Reports
•Topic 5A: Remove White Space
•Topic 5B: Insert Page Header/Footer Data
•Topic 5C: Add Borders and Lines
•Topic 5D: Change the Background Color
•Topic 5E: Change the Margins

Lesson 6: Enhancing Reports
•Topic 6A: Create a Section to Contain a Watermark
•Topic 6B: Insert Objects Using Object Linking and Embedding
•Topic 6C: Modify Format Based on Data Value
•Topic 6D: Conditionally Suppress Data
•Topic 6E: Insert Hyperlinks
•Topic 6F: Hide Blank Report Sections

Lesson 7: Creating and Modifying Pie Charts
•Topic 7A: Create a Pie Chart with a Drill-down
•Topic 7B: Modify Chart Text
•Topic 7C: Format a Chart
•Topic 7D: Present a Chart by Group

Lesson 8: Distributing Data
•Topic 8A: Export to PDF
•Topic 8B: Export to Excel
•Topic 8C: Export to an Access Database
•Topic 8D: Create a Report Definition

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