Course 40008: Updating your Database Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2012

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This three-day instructor-led course provides existing SQL Server database professionals with the knowledge and skills to use new and enhanced capabilities in SQL Server 2012.

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for database professionals with experience of using SQL Server 2008 R2.

At Course Completion:

After completing this course, students will be able to:
•Describe key new and enhanced features in SQL Server 2012.
•Install SQL Server 2012.
•Use enhanced tools and PowerShell support to manage SQL Server 2012.
•Use enhanced Transact-SQL and storage capabilities to develop SQL Server 2012 databases.
•Use new and enhanced performance capabilities to optimize a SQL Server 2012 database.
•Use new availability and data recovery technologies to provide high availability.
•Use new and enhanced security capabilities in SQL Server 2012.
•Use SQL Azure.
•Describe new Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in SQL Server 2012.

Module 1: Introducing SQL Server 2012

•Overview of SQL Server 2012
•SQL Server 2012 Editions and Components

Module 2: Installing SQL Server 2012

•Installation Options and Requirements
•Installing SQL Server
•Deploying SQL Server in a Private Cloud
Lab : Installing SQL Server
•Installing a SQL Server 2012 Named Instance
•Performing Post-Installation Setup and Checks
Lab : Using a Data-Tier Application in a Private Cloud Scenario
•Creating a Data-Tier Application
•Deploying a Data-Tier Application

Module 3: Managing SQL Server 2012

•Enhancements to SQL Server Management Studio
•New and Enhanced Dynamic Management Views
•Using PowerShell to Manage SQL Server
Lab : Managing SQL Server
•Using SQL Server Management Studio
•Using SQL Server Management Studio

Module 4: Developing SQL Server 2012 Databases

•Transact-SQL Enhancements
•New and Enhanced Transact-SQL Functions
•Enhancements to Spatial Data Support
•Storing and Querying Documents
Lab : Developing SQL Server Databases
•Using Sequence Objects
•Using the THROW Statement
•Implementing Paging
•Querying Documents

Module 5: Performance and Tuning Enhancements

•Performance Optimization Tools
•Enhancements to Indexing
Lab : Optimizing SQL Server Performance
•Creating a Columnstore Index
•Using a Columnstore Index
•Updating a Table with a Columnstore Index

Module 6: High Availability and Data Recovery Enhancements

•AlwaysOn High Availability
•Enhancemenst to Data Recovery
Lab : Using AlwaysOn Availability Groups
•Creating an AlwaysOn Availability Group
•Using an AlwaysOn Availability Group
•Observing Availability Group Failover Behavior

Module 7: Implementing Security in Microsoft SQL Server 2012

•Security Management Enhancements
•Contained Databases
Lab : Implementing Security
•Implementing user-Defined Server Roles
•Implementing Contained Databases

Module 8: Extending Data Solutions to the Cloud

•Introduction to SQL Azure
•Working with SQL Azure
Lab : Using SQL Azure
•Creating a Database in SQL Azure
•Using SQL Server Management Studio with SQL Azure

Module 9: Overview of BI Enhancements in SQL Server 2012

•SQL Server 2012 for Data Warehousing
•SQL Server 2012 for Business Intelligence
Lab : Exploring BI Features
•Using PowerPivot
•Using Power View
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