VMware Zimbra Collaboration Server: Install, Configure, Manage

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This hands-on training course explores installing, managing, and maintaining VMware® Zimbra Collaboration Server (Network Edition). The course discusses basic administration, plus the advanced administration functions of the configuration of a multinode ZCS architecture and cluster
setup for high availability.

Who Should Attend:

•Practical experience in Linux system administration
•Self-guided experimentation with ZCS using the free trial download

At Course Completion:

•Install Zimbra Network Edition
•Use the Zimbra administration console and command-line tools
•Monitor system logs, queues, and other resources
•Manage backup and restore
•Tune for performance
•Plan and design for capacity
•Understand migration options and planning
•Audit and troubleshoot the system as a whole
•Customize with themes and Zimlets
•Integrate ZCS with directory services
•Deploy ZCS on multiple nodes
•Deploy ZCS in a cluster

Module 1: Course Introduction

•Overview and schedule

Module 2: Zimbra Architectural Overview

•Introduce architectural components of Zimbra

Module 3: Licensing

•Install, activate, and check licenses

Module 4: Installing ZCS

•Perform a single-server installation

Module 5: Zimbra Administration Console Overview

•Manage domains, accounts, aliases, distribution lists and classes of

Module 6: CLI Utility

• Use important utilities like zmprov and zmcontrol

Module 7: ZCS System Care

•Monitor system by using console, logs, and daily report

Module 8: Additional Information and Support

•Understand and use help resources

Module 9: Basic Administration Training

Module 10: Backup and Restore

•Schedule, perform, and troubleshoot backups
•Perform service and account restores

Module 11: Performance Tuning

•Optimize file system, network, mail-transfer agent, and LDAP

Module 12: Monitoring with zmstats

•Monitor load and performance

Module 13: Migration Options and Planning

•Plan and implement migrations to Zimbra

Module 14: Upgrading ZCS

•Perform single-server and multiserver upgrades

Module 15: Upgrade General System Troubleshooting

•Resolve most common upgrade problems

Module 16: ZCS 7.0 Feature Highlights

•Understand changes and differences

Module 17: Personalizing Your Deployment: Themes and Logos

•Understand and use themes and Zimlets

Module 18: Understand and use themes and Zimlets

•Understand and implement message archiving and crossmailbox Search

Module 19: Advanced Administration Training Overview

Module 20: ZCS Architectural Components

•Understand Zimbra components in a multiserver context

Module 21: Understand Zimbra components in a multiserver context

•Plan, size, and tune a multiserver deployment

Module 22: Plan, size, and tune a multiserver deployment

•Configure load balancing and perform multiserver upgrades
•Understand clustering hardware and software requirements

Module 23: Clustering RHEL 5.1 1+1 Cluster

•Install and troubleshoot RHEL clusters

Module 24: Delegated Administration

•Manage administator rights among teams of administrators

Module 25: Directory and GAL Integration

•Use the Zimbra LDAP service or integrate with Microsoft Exchange
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