VMware vCenter Configuration Manager: Introduction

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This hands-on training course builds your skills with VMware vCenter™ Configuration Manager (VCM). It provides administrators with the knowledge and skills to configure VCM, navigate the user interface, manage compliance and patch levels, and perform administration tasks.

Who Should Attend:

•System administrators
•IT managers

At Course Completion:

•Recognize the role of VCM in enterprise compliance
•Configure VCM using the VCM Console
•Navigate the VCM console
•Collect data from systems with the VCM console
•Generate reports in VCM
•Manage system compliance with VCM
•Patch systems with vCenter Configuration Manager Patching
•Perform basic VCM administration tasks

Module 1: Course Introduction

•Understand course goals
•Understand course objectives
•Understand the course outline
•Define VCM
•Find additional resources after this course

Module 2: Overview of Configuration Management with VMware
vCenter Configuration Manager

•Understand configuration management challenges facing IT
•Summarize effective change management
•Identify the benefits of VCM
•List the capabilities of VCM
•Understand the components of a VCM installation

Module 3: VMware vCenter Configuration Manager Configuration

•Identify VMware vCenter Configuration Manager user interface
•Configure machine discovery
•Apply licenses to discovered machines
•Install agents on machines
•Collect data from machines
•Create machine groups

Module 4: Using the vCenter Configuration Manager Console

•Viewing and managing alerts
•Change management
•Windows remote commands
•Enterprise applications

Module 5: vCenter Configuration Manager Reports

•List reports available in VCM
•Generate custom reports
•Manage reports
•Create a report with the Report wizard

Module 6: Managing Compliance in vCenter Configuration

•Describe compliance analysis
•Create a rule
•Create a filter
•Create a rule group template

Module 7: vCenter Configuration Manager Patching

•Describe VCM patching process
•Accessing patching requirements for a machine group
•Patching Windows machines
•Patching to a UNIX/Linux machine

Module 8: vCenter Configuration Manager Administration

•Configure VCM
•Control access to VCM
•Customize the VCM environment

Module 9: Working with Basic Configuration Settings

•Work with General Settings
•Configure Asset Extension Settings
•Configure Integrated Product Settings
•Configure Unix Settings
•Configure AD Settings
•Configure Virtualization Settings
•Configure Windows Settings
•Configure Network Authority

Module 10: Creating Collection Filters

•Describe Collection Filters
•Create Collection Filters
•Create Collection Filter sets

Module 11: Managing Certificates

•Describe Collection certificates
•Define certificate fields

Module 12: Working with License Manager

•Access License Manager
•Update a license
•Define License Manager components

Module 13: Working with Machines Manager

•Describe Machines Manager
•Create Discovery Rules
•Describe Alternate Sources
•Describe Available Machines
•Describe Licensed Machines
•Describe Ignored Machines

Module 14: Working with User Manager

•Discuss functions of Roles
•Add a role
•Edit a role
•Clone a role
•Add a user

Module 15: Working with Jobs Manager

•Describe the function of Jobs Manager
•View a running job
•Add a job
•Schedule a job
•Edit a job

Module 16: Working with Alerts

•Add an Alert
•Discuss Alert configuration

Module 17: Using the VMware Content Wizard

•Describe the VMware Content wizard

Module 18: Migrating Data with the Import/Export Utility

•Describe the Import/Export utility
•Discuss where the Import/Export utility is used

Module 19: Using the Debug Event Viewer

•Discuss how the Debug Event Viewer works
•Describe how to Filter events
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