Introduction to IPV6

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Who Should Attend:

LAN/WAN administrators, system administrators, systems managers, intranet administrators, network engineers, and internetworking engineers


Lesson 1: IPv6.Introduction and IPv4 Comparison

The Future of IP
Introduction to IPv6
The Need for IPv6
History of IPv6.
IPv4 vs. IPv6: Key Differences
IPv4 Removed Fields
IPv4 Revised Fields
IPv6 New Fields

Lesson 2: IPv6 Header and Extension Headers

Introduction to Headers in IPv6
IPv6 Header in Detail
IPv6 Extension Headers
IPv6 Extension Header Order
Windows and IPv6
Linux and IPv6

Lesson 3: IPv6 Address Architecture

Introduction to IPv6 Address Architecture
IPv4 vs. IPv6 Addresses
IPv6 Address Abbreviation
Address Types
IPv6 Address Assignments
Aggregatable Global Uncast Addresses
Special Unicast Addresses
Multicast Addresses
Fixed Length vs. Variable Length

Lesson 4: IPv6 Routing and Security

IPv6 Routing and Security Introduction
IPv6 Routing
Aggregately Routing Hierarchy
Multicast Routing
IPv6 Routing Protocols
IPv6 Security

Lesson 5: Reduced Network Management with IPv6

IPv6 Reduced Management Introduction
Neighbor Discovery (ND) Protocol
Internet Control Message Protocol Version 6 (ICMPv6)
Plug-and-Play Auto configuration
Address Resolution
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