ITIL Lifecycle Certificate in Continual Service Improvement

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The ITIL Lifecycle in Continual Service Improvement Certificate is one of five courses that fit into the lifecycle stream of the ITIL certification.  This certification is intended to enable the holders of the ITIL Foundation certificate in IT Service Management to acquire the skills needed to begin the practical application of the concepts, covered by this course, in support of the Service Management lifecycle.

Who Should Attend?

The program is targeted at:
•Individuals who require a detailed understanding of the ITIL Continual Service Improvement phase of the ITIL core lifecycle and how it may be implemented to enhance the quality of IT service provision within an organization.
•IT professionals working within or about to enter a Continual Service Improvement environment and requiring a detailed understanding of the processes, functions and activities involved.
•Individuals seeking the ITIL Expert in IT Service Management for which this qualification is one of the prerequisite modules.
•Individuals seeking progress towards the ITIL Master if IT Service Management for which the ITIL Expert is a prerequisite.

At Course Completion:

After completing this course, students will learn:

•The ITIL Processes and (1) Function within ITIL
•A thorough understanding of the Goals and definitions for each process.
•The roles, responsibilities, and activities for each process
•The relationship of each ITIL process

Module 1: Introduction to Continual Service Improvement

Module 2: Continual Service Improvement Principles and Process

Module 3: Continual Service Improvement Methods and Techniques

Module 4: Organisation for Continual Service Improvement

Module 5: Technology for Continual Service Improvement

Module 6: Implementation Considerations

Module 7: Critical success factions and risk involved in Continual Service Improvement.



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