Microsoft Project 2007

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Day 1:

•Apply project management concepts; start Project 2007, open an existing project file, and navigate different views; use the Project 2007 Help features; create, and save a new project file; and close a project file and close Project 2007.

•Create a task list in Gantt Chart view by entering the task name and duration, modify the task list by inserting and deleting tasks, and create a Work Breakdown Structure by adjusting task hierarchy.
•Format a project file by modifying bar styles and timescales, use the Drawing toolbar to enhance Gantt chart information, print current views and reports, and create a custom report and a Crosstab report.

•Create a custom Network Diagram view and a combination view, create and run a macro to automate tasks, create and delete a toolbar and a menu, and create a custom table by using the More Tables dialog box.
•Create task relationships by linking, add predecessors and lead time to tasks, and add recurring tasks; explore Network Diagram view and modify the task relationships in it; and use the Task Information dialog box.

•Use the Change Working Time dialog box to create a base calendar for the project, use the resource sheet to create a resource pool, assign resources to tasks, create task calendars, enter resource costs in Resource Sheet view, and use the Cost table in Gantt Chart view.
•Work with Calendar and form views, and create and modify tables.
•Use standard filters and AutoFilters, create an interactive filter, use predefined groups, create a custom group, and sort task and resource data.

Day 2:

•Display the critical path and edit effort-driven schedules, and resolve resource conflicts by identifying and adjusting resource over-allocation.
•Save a baseline plan; update the percentage of tasks completed, actual start and finish dates, in-progress tasks, and actual work; save an interim plan; display the Earned Value table to monitor.

•Consolidate project files, link tasks across projects, assign project and task priorities, share project elements globally and with specific projects, and share resources across projects
•Communicate project information by using Microsoft Project Server 2007 to send task assignments and status requests and by sending project notes, export project data to the Web by saving a project file as a Web page, add hyperlinks to a project file and identify potential lost elements.

•Import data from a Microsoft Excel worksheet and a Microsoft Access database, export data to a Microsoft Excel worksheet and a Microsoft Access database, and copy project information to a Microsoft Word document and a Microsoft Excel worksheet

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