Microsoft Word Advanced

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Through Microsoft Word Advanced, Students will work with styles, sections, and columns. They will format tables, print labels and envelopes, and work with graphics. They will also use document templates, manage document revisions, and work with Web features. Students will perform mail merges, create and use forms, and create master documents that include a table of contents, a table of figures, footnotes, endnotes, an index, bookmarks, cross-references, and Web frames. They will also create macros, customize the Quick Access toolbar and keyboard shortcuts, and work with XML documents.

Who should attend:

This course targets individuals interested in learning the features of Microsoft Word Version 2007 and individuals pursuing the Microsoft Word Version 2007 Expert certification

At course completion:

Individuals who earn Microsoft Office 2007 Expert certifications have proven their skills using Microsoft Office applications. The Microsoft Word 2007 Expert certification is widely recognized by businesses in all industry sectors as a standard for workforce competency


Unit 1: Styles
Topic A: Examining formatting
Topic B: Creating styles
Topic C: Modifying styles
Topic D: Outlining
Topic E: Using Full Screen Reading view

Unit 2: Sections and columns
Topic A: Creating and formatting sections
Topic B: Working with columns

Unit 3: Formatting tables
Topic A: Table formatting basics
Topic B: Borders and shading
Topic C: Table data
Topic D: Table styles

Unit 4: Printing labels and envelopes
Topic A: Labels
Topic B: Envelopes

Unit 5: Templates and building blocks
Topic A: Template basics
Topic B: Building blocks
Topic C: Document properties

Unit 6: Graphics
Topic A: Diagrams
Topic B: Drawing tools
Topic C: Formatting text graphically Word 2007: Intermediate Topic-Level Outline

Unit 7: Managing document revisions
Topic A: Tracking changes in a document
Topic B: Working with comments

Unit 8: Web features
Topic A: Web pages
Topic B: Hyperlinks

Unit 9: Mail merge
Topic A: Form letters
Topic B: Data sources for the recipient list
Topic C: Mailing labels and envelopes

Unit 10: Objects and backgrounds
Topic A: Objects
Topic B: Document backgrounds

Unit 11: Forms
Topic A: Form fields
Topic B: Form protection
Topic C: Sharing and securing documents

Unit 12: Macros
Topic A: Recording and running macros
Topic B: Modifying and deleting macros

Unit 13: Toolbar and keyboard customization
Topic A: Customizing the Quick Access toolbar
Topic B: Customizing keyboard shortcuts

Unit 14: Long documents
Topic A: Master documents
Topic B: Tables of contents and figures
Topic C: Indexes, bibliographies, and other references
Topic D: Bookmarks and cross-references
Topic E: Web frames

Unit 15: XML features
Topic A: Working with XML

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