Lion 201: OS X Server Essentials 10.7

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OS X Server Essentials is a three-day course designed to give technical coordinators and entrylevel
system administrators the skills, tools, and knowledge to implement and maintain a
network that uses OS X Server. Students learn how to install and configure OS X Server to
provide network-based services, such as file sharing, web and wikis. Tools for
efficiently managing and deploying OS X are also covered. The course is a combination of
lectures and hands-on case study exercises that provide practical real-world experience.

Who should Attend:

•This course is designed for help desk specialists, technical coordinators, and entry-level system administrators who implement and maintain networks using OS X Server.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:
•Understanding of OS X
•Experience with OS X in a network environment
•Basic OS X troubleshooting experience or Lion 101


Chapter 1: Installing and Configuring OS X Server

Installation, initial configuration, server administration tools, and troubleshooting installation

Chapter 2: Authenticating and Authorizing Accounts

Creating and administering accounts, configuring service access controls (SACLs), configuring
VPN service, and troubleshooting.

Chapter 3: Using Open Directory

Configuring Open Directory, single sign-on, backing up directory data, troubleshooting Open

Chapter 4: Managing Accounts

Using Profile Manager to manage devices, troubleshooting Profile Manager.

Chapter 5: Implementing Deployment Solutions

Configuring and troubleshooting NetBoot/Network Install to deploy Mac OS X.

Chapter 6: Using File Sharing

Configuring and troubleshooting Apple File Service, share points for Windows users, WebDAV
access for mobile devices, providing Time Machine network backups.

Chapter 7: Managing Web Services

Hosting multiple web sites on a single server.

Chapter 8: Using Collaborative Services

Setting up and configuring wikis and blogs, providing iChat and iCal services to assist people
working together, and configuring Address Book service to share contact information amongst
multiple computers, providing mail services.
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