Course 50354: SharePoint 2010 SharePoint Designer

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This 2-day instructor-led course discusses how to navigate and use the new Ribbon interface, what new things you can do from Designer, what changes have been made to the actions and conditions of workflows, how to build external content types, and how to modify Out Of the Box Workflows.

At Course Completion:

Create one of everything possible from SharePoint Designer, learn about each new condition and action of SharePoint Designer workflows.

Module 1: Overview

A simple introduction module.


Module 2: 2010 Changes

In this module we are going to take a look at some of the major changes between SharePoint Designer 2007 and SharePoint Designer 2010.


Module 3: User Interface

In this module we take a look at common features of the basic team site. Throughout this course we will create and manage several different pieces of content and the team site will be our site of choice for doing this! Understanding this site is the center piece of starting your journey of understanding SharePoint and applying it to you everyday life!

New SharePoint Features
Lab : SharePoint Designer Interface
•Explore new interface of SharePoint Designer
•Review new work areas of Designer
•Browse Site Pages
•Browse Master Pages
•Browse Lists and Libraries
•Browse Workflows
•Browse Content Types
•Browse Data Sources
•Browse Entities
•Explore Site Structure
Lab : SharePoint Designer (Basics)
•Create a new site
•Create a new page
•Create a new master page
•Attach a master page
•Create a list
•Change list settings
•Create Content Type
•Create/Modify CSS
Lab : SharePoint Designer (Basics)
•Add Web Parts
•Add Web Part Zone
•Adding Images (_images directory)
•Reset to Site Definition

Module 4: Data Views

In this module we are going to take a look at Data Views and Data Sources.

DataSources and DataViews
Lab : DataViews
•Create/Manage Data Views
•Create/Manage Data Sources
•Merge Two Data Sources
•Link Two Data Sources
•Data View Parameters

Module 5: External Content Types

In this module we are going to take a look at the new Business Connectivity Services (BCS), the replacement/new version of Business Data Catalog (BDC).

Business Connectivity Services
Lab : External Content Types
•Explore External Content Types
•Create a new External Content Type
•Create an External List

Module 6: Workflows

In this module we are going to take a look at implementing workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010.

Lab : BuiltInActivities (2007)
•Use one of each Built-In Activity (2007)
•Lab : BuiltInActivities (2010)
•Use one of each Built-In Activity (2010)
Lab : LoopingWorkflow
•Create a looping set of workflows
Lab : ReusableWorkflows
•Create Reusable Workflows (Site/Global)
•Export a workflow to Visio
•Import a workflow from Visio
•Save as Template
•Lab : ModifyOOBWorkflow
•Modify Out Of Box Workflows
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