Microsoft Office 365 for End Users

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This 1 day course is designed to assist existing Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2010 and SharePoint users to gain an understanding of the functionality available in Office 365. Delegates will use Office Web Apps, SharePoint Online and Lync Online in a cloud environment.

Who Should Attend:

An end user who will be required to use Office 365 and needs an understanding of its features. Delegates who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the individual applications in Office 365 should attend the appropriate application specific courses.. 

At Course Completion:

•Understand ‘The Cloud’ and Office 365 Applications
•Understand how to access applications and documents through a browser
•Save and share documents from within Office 2010 via Office 365
•Understand how to work collaboratively with Office 365 through SharePoint Online
•Use Lync Online to set up and join meetings
•Use Office Web Apps: the online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote

Course Outline:
Lesson 1: Office 365 Overview

•Introducing Cloud computing
•Identify and outline the component products in Office 365 including Outlook, Office Web Apps, SharePoint Online and Lync Online
•Navigating around Office 365
•Updating your Profile in Office 365

Lesson 2: Using the Outlook 2010 Web Application

•Overview of Outlook 2010 Web App
•Working with email and folders
•Outlook Contacts and IM Contacts
•Using the Calendar
•Shared Calendars
•Outlook Tasks in the Web App
•Setting Outlook options, signatures, automatic replies and rules

Lesson 3: Using Lync

•Lync in detail
•Viewing and setting presence status
•Understanding the interactive contact card in Microsoft Office applications
•Using instant messages in business
•Using ‘click-to-communicate’
•Integration with Outlook
•Using Lync for online presentations including audio, video, screen sharing and a virtual whiteboard

Lesson 4: Working with SharePoint Online (TeamSite)

•Using document libraries
•Sharing calendars and task lists
•Using a Team Site
•Creating Office documents and saving directly to SharePoint Online
•Creating and managing My Sites
•Team Discussions in SharePoint Online

Lesson 5: Using the Office Web Apps

•Introduction to Office Web Apps
•Creating and editing documents in the cloud
•Sharing documents with others
•Integration with SharePoint Online


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