Course 50260A: Advanced Windows Workflow Foundation

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This 5-day Instructor-led course teaches about Windows Workflow 3.0/3.5 and future features of 4.0.  Explore how to create and use every type of built-in activity in WF.  Learn to use and implement custom workflow services.  Explore the various options of hosting workflows including the new 4.0 Dublin host server.

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for anyone who has a need to learn to build advanced windows workflows and understand all the various "gotchas" when writing windows workflow applications.

At Course Completion:

After completing this course, students will be able to use every workflow activity.


Module 1: Overview

A simple introduction module.

Module 2: Architecture

•WF Architecture
•Hosting Workflows
Lab : Installing WWF
•Install WWF Database
Lab : Workflow Services
•Setup Sql Tracking Service
•Setup Sql Persistence Service
•Setup Workflow Scheduler Service

Module 3: Workflows

•Workflow Lifecycle
Lab : Simple Workflows
•Create a Simple Workflow
•Debug a Simple Workflow
•Examine .xoml Files
Lab : Workflow Events
•Examine Workflow Events and Services
Lab : State Machine Workflows
•Create a Simple State Machine Workflow
•Create an Advanced State Machine Workflow

Module 4: Activities

•Roles and Security
•Custom Activities
•Spawned Contexts
•Policy Activity
Lab : Control Flow
•Utilize Parameters in Workflows
•Implement Flow Control
Lab : Policies And Rules
•Use the Policy Activity
•Create a Simple Rule Set
•Explore Priority
•Explore Dependency
•Explore Reevaluation
•Explore Chaining
•Policy Tracing
•Programmatic Rule Set Creation
•Dynamic Updates
Lab : Roles And Security
•Implement Active Directory Role Security
Lab : Fault Handlers
•Implement Workflow Level FaultHandlers
•Implement Scoped FaultHandlers
Lab : Cancellations
•Explore Workflow Cancellations Techniques
Lab : Synchronization
•Explore Workflow Synchronization
Lab : Web Services
•Call Web Services from Workflows
•Expose Workflow as Web Service
Lab : Communication
•Implement CallExternalMethod and HandleExternalEvent Shapes
Lab : Correlation
•Implement Correlation in Your Workflow
Lab : Transactions And Compensation
•Implement Transactional Scopes
•Implement Compensation
Lab : Custom Activities
•Create a Composite Activity
•Create a Custom Activity
•Create an Activity Validator
•Create an Activity Designer
Lab : Serialization
•Serializable Attribute
•Serialization Errors
•Serialization Surrogates
Lab : Spawned Contexts
•Understand Spawned Contexts

Module 5: Management

Lab : Workflow Management
•Explore Workflow Runtime Configurations
Lab : Custom Persistence Service
•Create a Custom Persistence Service
Lab : Custom Tracking Service
•Create a Custom Tracking Service
•Explore Tracking Channel Details
•Explore Tracking Service Details
Lab : Runtime Modifications
•Modify a Workflow at Runtime (from inside)
•Modify a Workflow at Runtime (from outside)
Lab : Workflow Versioning
•Update a Workflow Assembly and Redeploy (different version)

Module 6: Hosting Workflows

•Hosting Environments
Lab : WCF Hosting
•Learn to Host Workflows with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
•Start Workflow with WCF Request Message
•Consume WCF from WF
Lab : SharePoint Hosting
•Create a Custom Workflow Using Visual Studio

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