Course 6437: Designing a Windows Server 2008 Application Infrastructure

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This three-day course will prepare IT professionals for the role of Enterprise Administrator. Students will learn how to design application infrastructure solutions based on Windows Server 2008 to meet varying business and technical requirements.

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for individuals who are employed as, Systems Administrator, Systems Engineer and IT Manager

At Course Completion:

•Design IIS 7 Web farms.
•Optimize IIS 7 for performance and stability.
•Design IIS 7 for security.
•Design IIS 7 for reliability, recovery, and monitoring.
•Design and prepare a Terminal Services infrastructure.
•Design a Terminal Services maintenance strategy.
•Plan and configure a Windows Media Services infrastructure for live and on-demand delivery.
•Implement virtualization to consolidate servers, support legacy applications, and create a test environment.
•Determine virtualization appropriateness and virtual server provisioning.

Module 1: Designing IIS Web Farms
•Overview of Hardware and Platform Options
•Design Web Farm Availability and Scalability
•Design Content Storage
Lab : Designing IIS Web Farms
•Design Hardware Platform
•Design Web Farm Availability and Scalability
•Design Web Site Availability and Scalability
•Design Web Site Configuration, Deployment and Consistency
•Design Web Site Content, Deployment and Consistency
Module 2: Optimizing IIS Performance and Stability
•Designing Application Pools
•Designing Script Mapping
•Designing Bandwidth Allocation
•Design Web Site Logging
Lab : Optimizing IIS Performance and Stability
•Design and Test Application Pools
•Design and Test Script Maps
•Design and Test Bandwidth Allocation
•Design and Test Web Site Logging
•Configuring a Web Server to Host Multiple Applications with Separate Application Pools

Module 3: Designing IIS Security
•Design and Verify Transport Security
•Design Authentication and Authorization
•Design Delegation Administration
Lab: Designing IIS 7 Security
•Design and Verify Transport Security
•Design and Verify Authentication and Authorization Methods
•Design and Verify Delegation Administration
•Configuring Authentication Types

Module 4: Design IIS Maintenance and UDDI
•Designing Internet Information Services Backup and Recovery
•Specify Monitoring Requirements
•Deploying UDDI Services
•Tuning and Troubleshooting IIS 7
Lab: Design IIS Maintenance and UDDI
•Design a Web Server Backup and Recovery Strategy
•Design and Test Web Server Monitoring
•Design UDDI Deployment
•Troubleshooting Application Pool Instability
•Enabling Shared Configurations
•Configuring Network Load Balancing

Module 5: Designing a Terminal Services Infrastructure
•Design Terminal Services Licensing
•Specify Terminal Services Connection Properties
•Design Device Redirection
•Design Terminal Services Gateways
•Design Terminal Services Broker
•Design RemoteApp Programs
•Design Web Access
Lab: Designing a Terminal Services Infrastructure
•Design and Test Terminal Services RemoteApp Programs
•Design and Test Terminal Services Corporate Desktop
•Design and Test Terminal Services Gateway and Web Access
•Design and Test Terminal Services Gateway Policies, Connection Authorization Policies, and Resource Access Policies

Module 6: Designing a Terminal Services Maintenance Strategy
•Design Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) Policies for Application Resource and Reporting
•Specify Group Policy Settings for Terminal Servers
•Design High Availability
•Specify Monitoring Requirements
•Specify Maintenance and Recovery
Lab: Designing Terminal Services Maintenance
•Design and test highly available Terminal Services
•Design and test Group Policy for Terminal Services
•Design and test resource management for Terminal Services
•Design and test monitoring for Terminal Services
•Optimizing Terminal Services Performance

Module 7: Design Windows Media Services Infrastructure Administration
•Design Windows Media for Live Streaming
•Windows Media Services for On-Demand Content
•Improving Performance for On-Demand Content
•Monitoring Windows Media Services
Lab: Design a Windows Media Services Infrastructure
•Design Windows Media Services for Live Streaming
•Design WMS Infrastructure for On-Demand Content
•Troubleshooting Poor Performance of On-Demand Content
•Design and Test Monitoring of Windows Media Services

Module 8: Design Virtualization Infrastructure
•Virtualization of a Test Server Environment
•Virtualization and Migration of Legacy Applications
•Design and Test a Virtualized Development Environment
Lab 8: Design Virtualization Infrastructure
•Design a Test Server Consolidation Strategy
•Design and Test Virtualization and Migration of Legacy Server
•Design and Test Development Environment Isolation Using Virtual Server

Module 9: Designing Virtualization Provisioning
•Design Virtual Server Provisioning Workflow Model
•Evaluate Appropriateness for Virtualization
•Evaluate Customization to Standard Configuration
•Design Deployment for Virtualization
Lab: Design Virtualization Provisioning
•Design Virtual Server Host Configuration
•Design Virtual Server Provisioning using System Center

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