Aperture 101: Introduction to Aperture 3

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This two-day course starts with image management basics and takes you step by step through Aperture's powerful editing, retouching, proofing, publishing, and archiving features. With complete coverage of Aperture's new features, learn to organize photos using Faces, Apple's face detection and recognition tool, take advantage of Places to find photos by where they were shot, and retouch images precisely with new nondestructive edge-aware brushes. Create advanced slideshows that include HD videos, titles, and layered soundtracks, using the full-screen Browser to browse and edit. Real-world exercises feature professional photography from a variety of genres, including, fashion, sports, wedding, commercial, and landscape.

Who should Attend:

This class is for anyone who wants to learn the fundamental functionality of Aperture, Apple's groundbreaking photo editing and management software. Aperture 3 delivers more than 200 new features and enhancements that combine powerful performance with iPhoto simplicity.


Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending the course:
•Basic knowledge of Mac OS X
•Knowledge of basic photography terminology


Day 1

A Quick Tour of Aperture
Opening Aperture, Identifying Interface Elements, Importing Images from a Memory Card, Working with Images in the Browser, Rating and Rejecting Images and Sharing Photos with Email

Adding and Managing MetaData
Importing Files from the Finder, Customizing Import Settings, Displaying Metadata in the Browser and Viewer, Using Keywords, Editing Metadata Views and Presets and Sorting and Filtering your Project

Comparing and Evaluating Images
Generating Aperture Previews, Evaluating Images in Full-Screen Mode, Using the Loupe Tool, Assigning Image Ratings, Comparing and Rating a Group of Images, Using Primary Selection Options to Rate Images, Working with Stacks, Speed Rating Images Using Keystrokes and Reviewing Collections on the Light Table

Indexing Photos with Faces and Places
Moving from iPhoto to Aperture, Using Places to Put Pictures on a Map, Creating a Smart Album from a Map, Organizing a Library Using Faces, Adding Facebook IDs to Faces and Creating a Faces Smart Album

Managing Projects and the Library
Importing Referenced Images, Working with Referenced Images, Organizing a Growing Library and Backing Up Using a Vault

Performing Nondestructive Editing
Working in the Adjustments Inspector, Fixing Underexposed and Overexposed Images and Cropping a Photo

Day 2

Correcting Tone
Making Adjustments in Full Screen View, Enhancing an Image, Improving Highlights and Shadows, Adjusting Image Levels, Converting Color Images to Black and White and Comparing Image Versions

Correcting Color
Working with Color in the Enhance Controls, Controlling Image Vibrancy, Selectively Improving Color Using the Color Controls and Working with Curves

Making Local Adjustments with Brushes
Using Brushes, Adding and Erasing Brush Strokes, Smoothing Skin, Brightening Areas Using the Dodge Brush, Darkening Areas Using the Burn Brush, Applying a Brush to an Entire Image, Correcting Halo Artifacts, Retouching Images, Cloning an Image, Making a Brush from an Adjustment and Creating Multiple Instances of a Brush

Working with RAW Images
Working with RAW + JPEG Pairs, Comparing RAW and JPEG Files, Decoding a RAW File, Adjusting Boost and Hue, Using Sharpening and Noise Reduction, Removing Moire from RAW Images, Saving RAW Fine-Tuning Presets

Creating Dynamic Slideshows
Using Slideshow Presets and Albums, Creating a Slideshow Album, Enhancing Slideshows, Using Titles, Transitions and Photo Effects, Mixing Music and Sound Effects, Working with Video, Editing to the Beat, Editing on the Fly and Sharing your Slideshow

Presenting Your Photos on the Web
Posting to Facebook, Flickr, and MobileMe, Creating a Web Journal, Adding Images to a Web Journal, Changing and Modifying Web Journal Themes and Publishing a Web Journal

Delivering Final Images as Books, Prints and Files
Creating a Book Layout, Customizing Pictures and Page Layouts

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