Course MSSPDSNGR: Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010

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You are experienced as a power user or site administrator of a SharePoint site but would like to customize the look of specific SharePoint pages or add additional functionality to your site.  SharePoint Designer 2010 has many tools and features to help you create and customize SharePoint sites, adding and modify list and library views, create and format web pages, customize forms and create links.  In this course you will use these features to create and modify SharePoint sites and customize site pages and list and library forms. You will use SharePoint Designer 2010 to create and modify sites, add and customize SharePoint list and library content and create and format SharePoint pages and forms. This course is intended for SharePoint power users or system administrators, who want to learn to enhance SharePoint sites by customizing lists, libraries and form pages. You are already able to utilize SharePoint Designer 2010 to create and customize sites lists views and web pages but want to extend your sites capability to include information from external data sources or make connections to Business Connectivity Services.  You may also want to utilize SharePoint Designer’s enhanced features to create custom workflows, add company specific branding solutions and publish these as SharePoint solution packages.  In this course you will use these features to enhance your sites corporate branding and data utilization.  You will use SharePoint Designer to connect to and display business data, create custom workflows, create branding for your site and export this information for re-use as a SharePoint solution package.

At Course Completion:

•use the SharePoint Designer interface
•create and customise SharePoint sites and add site content
•create site pages and understand html code and use cascading style sheets
•create SharePoint content suck as lists and libraries and format views
•create web part pages and customise list and library forms.
•add links to pages and customise the Quick Launch and Top Link bars
•display external business data from different sources
•use data views to display this data effectively
•create external content types by connecting to Business Connectivity Services
•create list, site and reusable workflows
•create site brandings using master pages and css
•deploy a customised site as a web solution package
•manage SharePoint Designer settings for user roles and actions

Module 1
– Getting Started with SharePoint Designer 2010
•What is SharePoint Designer
•Open an Existing SharePoint site
•Explore SharePoint Designer’s three-part interface
    o Navigation, Summary and Ribbon
•Visual Aids
Task Panes
•Customise the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar
•Obtain Help

Module 2 – Creating a Site and Site Content
•Create a Subsite
    oFrom SharePoint Designer
    oFrom the Browser
•Customise Site Properties
•Add Lists and Libraries
•Customise List and Library Properties

Module 3 – Creating Site Pages
•Standard and Advanced Editing
•HTML and CSS Primer
•Using HTML Tags
•Creating Tables
•Working With Layers
•Adding Images
•Formatting  pages using CSS
•Applying Master Pages

Module 4 – Create and Format List and Library Views
•Create a New View
•Add and Delete Columns
•Use Sorting and Grouping
•Use Conditional Formatting
•Use paging options
•Using View Styles and Toolbar Options

Module 5
– Creating Web part Pages
•Using Existing Web part pages Templates
•Creating a Custom Web Part Page
•Inserting and Customising Web Part Zones

Module 6
– Customising List and Library Forms
•Creating customised New, Edit and Display Forms
•Editing custom forms in SharePoint Designer
•Editing forms using InfoPath

Module 7 – Creating Links
•Text hyperlinks
•Image hyperlinks
•Image Hotspots
•Quick Launch and Top Bar Links

Module 8
– Displaying External Business Data
•External Databases
•XML Web Services via SOAP
•Server Side Scripts using REST
•XML Source Files
•Linked Data Sources
•Related Item Views

Module 9 – Using Data Views
•Adding Sorting, Filtering and Grouping controls
•Adding Edit, Insert and Delete Links
•Use list controls and Data Sources
•Asynchronous updates
•Share View Styles
•Create Custom Actions

Module 10
– Using Business Connectivity Services (BCS)
•Explore External Content Types
•Create a new External Content Type
•Create an External List Page
•Use External Lists in SharePoint Workspace and Outlook
•Business Data Columns

Module 11
– Workflows
•Creating a List workflow
•Adding conditions and Actions
•Using workflow variables
•Creating a re-usable workflow
•Column and Content Type Associations
•Site workflows
•Impersonation Steps
•Adjusting an Out of the Box Workflow
•Export a workflow to Visio
•Import a workflow from Visio

Module 12
– Designing and Branding
•Available Master Pages
•Creating New Master pages
•Exploring Content Regions
•Using Page Layouts
•Breaking Master Pages and Resetting to Site Definition
•CSS and Master Pages

Module 13
– Deploy custom SharePoint Solutions
•Create a web solution package

Module 14– Managing SharePoint Designer
•Central and Site Collection Administration for SharePoint Designer Settings
•Disabling SharePoint Designer for specific user roles
•Disable specific SharePoint Designer actions

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